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What are the entry requirements forr admission?

None. The only pre-requisite is that the child would be able to read and write numbers from 1 to 20.


Is there a certifying authority for this programme?

Yes. UCMAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Academy in collaboration with the China Zhusuan Association.


What is the class teacher to students ratio?

One teacher to ten students.


Is there any other UCMAS centres in Reading?

No. KIND Centre is the only certified centre in Reading and the whole of Berkshire.


Would UCMAS help only in Mental Arithmetic?

No. It will help develop your children mental development through using both sides of the brain hemispheres enhancing their visualisation, concentration and memory.


Does it help grow the child’s confidence?

Yes. It would definitely help build your child’s confidence especially in Math as well as academic performance in general. However, a child who is confident in Math may be less confident in other areas such as sciences, arts or even sports.


Would such over-confidence negatively affect his/ her personality?

The negative impact of such confidence on personality will always depend on how the parents choose to raise up their children. The children could be arrogant or showing off their skills or they could learn how to use such skills to help others. It is the parents’ responsibility to equip their children with the useful tools they will need to face the different challenges in life without compromising their values.


Can my child try first the course and then decide to join later?

Like Kumon and other similar programmes, Children cannot attend the course and use the material before registering and paying the first monthly fee.


Do I have to pay the Registration fee? Is the Registration fee refundable?

Like Kumon and other similar programmes, to start the course you have to pay a registration fee and an upfront monthly fee and these fees are non-refundable. That said, should you decide that you are no longer interested in the course you can stop any time and not pay from the following month.


What do I get for the Registration fee?

You get a bag with an Abacus, Two books for ten levels ( 2 are given at the start of each level), and a T-shirt.


When would the monthly payment be due?

At the beginning of every month. There is a £5 charge incurred for payments received after the 15th of each month.


What is the payment method?

By bank transfer to KIND bank account . Please contact us for bank account details.


Do I pay the monthly fee during school & public holidays?

There is no monthly fee payable during the summer holiday. However, the monthly fees is payable in other school breaks and public holidays during the academic year. For payment details, please check the T’s&C’s page.





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