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Training the Educators


Targeted Audience:

University lecturers from different fields



 To increase understanding of why adults want to learn

 To introduce ideas about how adults learn: “learning styles”

 To explore different strategies for learning and teaching

 To learn about and practise methods of learning appropriate to adults



1 week training in the UK followed by a 6 month distance learning sessions (a session/ month) with

one of our qualified coaches to support candidates in developing their hands-on experience through their chosen assignments in their different fields.



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Teachers’ Experience Training



Targeted Audience:

Primary and Secondary School teachers



 Effective classroom management, including planning and preparing lessons

 Teaching with support from experienced teachers

 The use of data and resources in schools

 Assessing pupils' work and evaluating teaching quality

 Practicing the general duties of a qualified teacher in school

 The professional values that underpin teaching

 Teaching Children from an Islamic perspective



2 - 3 weeks. This programme is designed to provide a customised learning experience to school

teachers at different levels of experience and targeting children of different age groups. Thus, the

depth, choice and number of topics included in the programme are tailored to meet the needs of the clients.


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