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KIND runs a weekend supplementary school teaching Arabic, Quran and Deen. The school runs every Sun from 9am to 1pm at Aisha Islamic Centre, London Rd, Reading RG6 1BW. All our teachers are qualified native Arabs. Our students come from different countries like; Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Palestine, Indonesia, Pakistan and England. Our objective is to offer both Arab and non-Arab students quality tuition to complement the UK national curriculum.



Arabic Curriculum

We have developed our own Arabic curriculum, which is a blend of the Egyptian National Arabic curriculum, the “Arabic without Tears" series by Dr.Imran Hamza Alawiye and al-Qaeda Al-Baghdadiya, which is a proven phonatics method of the Arabic letters that help children of all ages to learn the sounds of Arabic letters, their production, combination and representation by written symbols. Our different classes cater to students of different levels both Arabic and non-Arabic speaking. Our different primary level classes aim to achieve the following learning outcomes;


  • Build child’s Vocabulary with especial emphasis on Quranic Arabic
  • Build child’s ability to read and pronounce Arabic sentences properly (supporting Quran reading)
  • Develop child’s ability in self-expression in Arabic and comfortbly engage in conversations in Arabic
  • Build child’s ability to understand simple speeches and verses
  • Develop child’s ability in Arabic composition and comprehension
  • Develop child’s ability to understand from basic to semi-advanced Arabic grammar (nahw) rules
  • Develop child’s ability to use Arabic numbering
  • Develop child’s ability to write in different Arabic fonts (naskh & reqa’a)



Deen Curriculum

In addition to the Egyptian National Deen curriculum, we have adopted a programme called Taraweeh, which embeds core Islamic values through the use of interesting games and multimedia. We have also put more emphasis on Quran memorization with tajweed and tafseer. Our students get to memorize with our qualified teachers half a juz’a every year. Every class we review with the children the previous surahs they have memorized to ensure that they do not forget them as they progress. At the end of year Quran exam, the students recite all the surahs they have memorized through the academic year. At end of school day, we aim to pray Zuhr in Jamma to train the all the children on wudu and prayer. We adopt an Islamic value-centric approach in our Deen classes, which aims to achieve the following learning outcomes;


  • Embed core Islamic values in the children through relating these values to their daily life activities. Values like amanah, sidq, ber al-waledeyn, selat al-rahim, tawado3, rahma, etc.
  • Memorize a chapter of the Quran every 2 years, with its tajweed and tafseer
  • Respond to the children inquiries about any controversial issues about Islam
  • Familiarize the children with the seerah (biography) of the prophet Mohamed (pbuh) and his sunnah
  • Train the children on basic fiqh matters related to wudu, salah, fasting, umrah/ hajj, sadaqa, zakat, etc.



Our Teachers

All our teachers are qualified native Arab teachers. The average teacher to student ratio per class is 1 to 7, which means that your children will get one-2-one attention and personalised feedback on their performance. Parents will be able to have direct contact with their children class teachers for any after school support.


Our School Calendar – Term Dates and Holidays

The academic year is divided into three terms. Each term runs for eleven weeks; ten weeks of tuition and the final week for exams. The first term starts on the last sunday of September. Check our calendar below for term dates and holidays.
















Our Tuition Fees

Our tuition fees are £300 per academic year. We offer discounts for siblings, groups and charity organisations. We also offer discounts for students who register in both the Arabic & Deen School as well as the UCMAS programme. There are a number of payment instalment plans that we couild offer. For details please contact us.



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