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KIND Enterprise



Harnessing people’s hearts and minds to create kinder businesses and kinder world.



KIND Enterprise Ltd. is a UK based social enterprise that aims to foster sustainable development through incubating and investing in social businesses and community-centric projects.


The key driver for KIND is to engage individuals and communities and work with them on social businesses and community-centric projects that would bring social, economic and environmental value to all stakeholders rather than merely maximizing shareholder value and hence, help building more sustainable communities and developing much moral economies.


As a social enterprise, business is viewed as the vehicle for social change and profit is viewed as a means and not a primary goal. Thus, part of the profits made by KIND are reinvested in other social businesses or development projects, in areas like; education, health, ethical trading, environment, etc. Also as a corporate citizen adhering to the principles of Islamic economy, KIND donates 2.5% of its profits, as a Corporate Zakah, to charitable and development projects sponsored by our partner charities and NGOs both locally and internationally.




KIND Centre

One of KIND Enterprise key objectives is to promote Human Development and Well-Being through enriching five key ingredients; human self, faith, intellect, wealth and posterity for every individual. KIND Centre is an educational centre which aims to achieve this through its various extracurricular programmes that build knowledge, strengthen capabilities and embed values like compassion, justice, freedom and tolerance. Our various programmes and courses target students of different ages, from different countries and cultural backgrounds, encompassing the whole children and youth development life-cyle.


To this end, the programmes are designed to develop the students' personalities through helping them in acquiring vital personal qualities and gaining important life skills. KIND Centre runs; Arabic and Islamic Studies supplementary School, a UCMAS franchise for Mental Arithmetic education, English courses, children and youth camps, Volunteering programmes, Internships and Intellectual Seminars.





Other KIND businesses;


KIND Travels

KIND Travels is one of KIND Enterprise's social businesses that aspires to achieve Sustainable development through tourism. Our ambition is to make better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit, making a positive difference to the people who travel with us, the local people at the destinations we travel to and to their environment in the process.


To this end, KIND Travels aims to deliver exceptional travel experiences, foster sustainable development of the countries of destination and hence, promoting Sustainable and Responsible Tourism through its practices and local communities’ initiatives.



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